Xero Payroll

Processing payroll on Xero is seamless and very easy to set up. We are able to set payroll up for your team, adding new employees, removing leavers while issuing P45’s for them. We are also able to submit the final payroll information (FPS & EPS) through the system.

Xero provides the option of setting up the employees to be able to access their payroll and retrieve their payslips once they are set up. However, the system also offers the option of sending the staff payslips via email which are encrypted with a password and therefore can only be opened by the intended recipient.

Through the payroll administration, you can also link up pension schemes, most clients that we have worked with use  NEST Pension and the system automatically submits the information to the pension provider at a click of a button. Once submitted, a notification is sent via email to confirm that it has been submitted successfully.

Xero  can track annual holiday allowance and also handle holiday requests from employees, it can also deal with statutory pay calculations, maternity and paternity pay and leave.

Employee expenses can also be handled through the payroll system and be reimbursed at the same time as payroll is run.

Given that payroll is an integral part of Xero and allows direct journal posting of the payroll journals following submission to HMRC, it means that  the bookkeeping is up to date with staff payments. This allows us to provide accurate monthly reporting.