Accounting for Small Business

There are numerous challenges associated with setting up and running a small business. Poorly managed finances are one of the many reasons why small businesses don’t survive the changing market trends.

A section of small businesses choose to manage their accounts in-house. This may seem appealing but outsourcing your accounting function could save your business a lot of money on salaries as a start and then more.

Let’s take a look at how accounting can be significant for your small business.

Cost Accounting

Small business tends to rely on cost accounting which spells out fixed costs and variable costs. It can help your business save money by avoiding misplaced expenditure. Therefore, accurate budgeting of current and upcoming projects.

A Sound Record Keeping

Through accounting, you can monitor business cash flow. To stay afloat, you need to store financial records and have credible strategies to boost your business.

Business Health Attack

Good accounting helps you know your business status financially. You can do this by checking the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.


With HMRC ramping up on Making Tax Digital (MTD), it is now more important than before for businesses to be set up on HMRC compliant accounting software. HMRC now requires digitisation of all accounting and bookkeeping records. This doesn’t just affect limited companies only but also soon the Self employed will be impacted.

Avoid Potential Problems

A subtle accounting system helps you detect and, therefore, avoid fraud by suppliers, customers or employees. A better understanding of your business finances makes internal audits easier.

Also, it gets you better placed with bankers as they respond well to businesses that have their financial matters in check.

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