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The Future Scope of Accounting Software for Small Enterprises

Both large and small businesses stand to benefit from the use of accounting software as it precisely captures every transaction. Well-designed accounting software automatically generates income statements, profit and loss accounts and a balance sheet.

When SMEs started using accounting software, they realized they had better oversight over their businesses. Sadly, only slightly over 70% of small enterprises in the UK have already resorted to accounting software.

Below, we discuss ways in which accounting software will transform your business. They include:

  • Cloud Accounting Software
  • Integrated Accounting
  • OCR Evolution
  • Niche-Specific Software
  • Artificial Intelligence Oriented Accounting

Cloud Accounting Software

The high demand for better security and data automation has increased the need for cloud accounting software. With cloud-based accounting, SMEs can receive accounting services anytime and anywhere from any device.

The global cloud accounting software market is projected to hit £3.05billion by 2023.

Integrated Accounting

In many SMEs, there is software for project management, invoicing, payrolls and others. Yet, our accounting software encompasses every facet of business across the enterprise.

Today, accounting software integrates easily with CRM, payrolls and project management software. In future, there will be more coordination between accounting software and SMEs in-house software hence flexibility.

Good examples are QuickBooks and Xero that links enterprises with business apps such as PayPal and Wise.

OCR Evolution

With a simple click, businesses can upload receipt photos to mobile accounting software to automatically create expense accounts. For SMEs, it will reduce data entry time and manual error corrections.

In future, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will further evolve to minimize hours of processing time.

Niche-Specified Software

Over the years, there has been diversity in accounting software. Based on functions and usage, you might find an array of accounting tools.

In future, niche-specified accounting software will ensure that small entrepreneurs achieve more accurate and efficient accounting operations.

Artificial Intelligence Accounting

Ostensibly, artificial intelligence will never take the place of an accountant. Still, Al-based software can help reduce redundancy in accounting operations keeping your enterprise on a competitive edge.

Today, accounting software helps keep most businesses intact. In future, the scope of accounting software promises a broader use.


Due to technological advancements, accounting software is easily integrated with your firm’s internal software such that all transactions are captured automatically. It eliminates the need for tedious and repetitive bookkeeping processes leading to actionable insights.

If you have not yet adopted accounting software, you can use the best accounting company services today.

At Ernest & Co Accountants, we only use the best accounting technologies to enhance your accounting activities. So, give us a call today!


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