With MTD for Self Assessment  due on 6th Apr 2023, everyone needs their accounting records in order. Please follow the link  MTD Self Assessment   to get an understanding of your requirements as a a sole trader, Director or self employed individual that needs to submit a tax return. We help individuals and Directors that need their accounts put together and  accounts submitted.

We take into consideration legitimate allowances and deductions in calculating your tax liability and we also advise on best tax saving options. Even though we do our utmost to complete and submit tax returns well in advance, you do not have the obligation to pay instantly. However, you MUST pay off your liabilities by the 31st Jan each year without fail.
Please note that there is the option of paying in instalments following the government help guidelines as a result of the Corona pandemic. For individuals that owe less than £30,ooo, a time to pay arrangement can be done online Time to Pay. However for those with self assessment debts more than £30,000, you MUST call HMRC for this to be set up. Time to pay option gives you 12 month’s of repayment from Jan 2021.