We help Businesses in the preparation of annual Budgets and Cashflows including budget tracking against actuals to analyse variances as part of monthly management accounts reporting.

As a business, preparation of budgets and cashflow forecasts is crucial for the business as it keeps the financials in check for review. Cash flow forecasts, budgets and management accounts can help assess and identify likely positive increases in cash flow, which may be the opportunity to invest or expand strategically but may also identify potential weaknesses through Key performance indicators like debtor days, creditor days  that show a direct impact on cashflow.

Profit and loss budgets and Cashflow forecasts in addition to Management accounts are valuable documents that can help the business when in need of funding to cover their cashflow requirements. Lenders tend to look to these documents to analyse business performance and future expectations of the business as a going concern. Where the need to obtain funding via Crowd and seed funding options, private investors will also be keen to see this information.

By relying on Ernest & Co Accountants to prepare this information for you, you can be rest assured that it has been done accurately and is very reliable.