Moving from Sage to Xero

Moving from Sage to Xero

Moving accounting systems can be cumbersome; you have all your financial records in their original form and now you need to shift. Therefore, learning something new takes time.

Sage is good. So why change? When is the best time to move?

Let us find out.

Xero is a cloud accounting software that ensures a seamless business accounts performance hence simple, faster and efficient.

Below, we discuss reasons why Xero is the right fit for your small business.

Real-time business numbers

Sage has its basis on the past view of your business accounts information. There is less automation in the bookkeeping and record-keeping process.

On the other hand, Xero focuses on real-time information giving you updated transactions. With data stored in the cloud, one can send invoices online and do real-time reporting.

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Mobile access to your business information

As opposed to sage limitations which have business data stored in a local drive, Xero’s data is cloud secured. It enables you to have a mobile view of your business anywhere. Also, it is easier to collaborate with advisors and investors.

Updated Systems

With the absence of local drives on sight, data is stored in encrypted servers that come with a string of advantages to your business.

Whenever you log into Xero servers, you are always using the latest version and, there is no need for updating. It is suitable for compliance since tax rates and legislation amendments occur automatically.

Simpler Accounts management

Originally, Sage was designed for accountants. On the other hand, Xero was built for small business owners helping them interpret their business finances with ease.

There is a clear business dashboard hence no intermittent scrolling through pages as you can see the numbers you need.

A new way to run your business

Change is good. Change is inevitable. Moving to Xero is subtle for your company as it is an easy way to consort with your accountant. Besides other accounting packages, Ernest & Co Accountants team can guide and give you a whole new experience using Xero to push your business forward.

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