Ernest Tumuhairwe ACMA CGMA

+44 203 289 8467

My Bio

Ernest Tumuhairwe ACMA CGMA is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant with 15 years industry experience as an accountant.

My Expertise

Ernest has tremendous experience as an accountant having worked in retail for 8 years , moved into property management and lettings accounts. Since the inception of Ernest & Co Accountants, Ernest has worked with clients ranging from Architectural studios, Design and Marketing Studios, Bespoke Manufacturing, Retail and Catering.  Throughout this process, Ernest has been able to implement financial procedures where required, cloud accounting systems and provided quality financial reporting whilst advising on cost control measures and strategy where required.

About Education

Ernest is a qualified chartered Management Accountant gained through training at London School of business & Finance (LSBF). More information is available on his linkedin profile, link as below.




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