How to Choose the Right Small Business Accountant

Once you have decided it’s time to hire an accountant, the next question is who? Let along how! For any small business, choosing the right accountant is critical.

In the UK alone, there are thousands of practising accountants. Note, the catch is finding the perfect fit for your business.

Below, we highlight tips business owners should look out for in search of apt accountancy services:

  • Look for an accountant with great expertise
  • Seek business advice from government and business associations
  • Consult with your social networks like family, friends and online connections
  • Look for someone proactive about saving you money
  • From basic in house accounts to bank reconciliation, how the accounting work will be divided is also vital
  • How many referrals the prospect accountant has also matters
  • Find out which software the accountant uses and its compatibility with your business
  • Do thorough background checks before settling
  • Ultimately, settle for Ernest & Co Accountants who will help your company grow.


Traditionally, most companies prefer their accountants to be located nearby. Today companies are edging towards cloud accounting which enables both the accountant and employees to access real-time data. It makes the location a non-issue.

Chartered Accountant

For efficiency, choose an accountant that’s affiliated with a professional body or government recognized. It could be CAs, ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW or a member of the Institute of Financial Accountants.


Our accounting and bookkeeping systems are versatile for your business transformation. Find out your prospective accountant recommendations and what advantages they can bring to your business.

Mr Ernest Tumuhairwe is a Chartered Management accountant and owner of Ernest & Co Accountants who specialize in providing small and medium-sized companies with outsource finance and accounting services.



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