Essentials of bookkeeping

Getting a clear picture of your business finances starts with having the essentials in place. Typically, perfect bookkeeping is a fundamental aspect of success for any business. That is why Ernest & Co Accountants will work with you to get your daily accounting books sorted so that you can attend to more important matters.


Our team of professionals can help your business comply with respective legal and statutory obligations to HMRC and Companies House. It works well if you have a limited company or partnership. Find out more:

Could Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services be the Answer?

No matter how big or small, any business needs a bookkeeper. The option of quality third-party bookkeeping is always on the table for most organizations. Bookkeeping workload for start-ups can be cumbersome, especially for employees who may have to subdivide their attention. Therefore, minimizing the utility of internal resources.

Requirements differ from B2B. If you are contemplating on your bookkeeping matters, you should seek professional advice before acting.

Importance of Bookkeeping

Below, we highlight the importance of bookkeeping to your business.

  • Perfect bookkeeping ensures a clear record of transactions clearly outlining how to fulfil respective tax obligations.
  • Good bookkeeping helps you budget and report for a fiscal year.
  • Significantly, it comes in handy when conducting business analysis; keep track of the business performance over a period.
  • Bookkeeping allows for better decision making in any business setup.
  • For proper auditing by HMRC, besides tax compliance, good bookkeeping provides for the total fulfilment of legal obligations. Find out more.
  • Detailed bookkeeping records help in reporting to investors. It can be for current or when approaching potential investors.

As an accredited team, we can provide expert advice and support to all new and ongoing bookkeeping needs.

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