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Whether you are a small business owner or a freelancer, the chances are that at some point, you must incur billing operations. A savvy invoicing software provides an easy way for small businesses to request payments or get paid faster.

More, every business has peculiar needs when it comes to invoicing software per se. All you need is subtle billing and invoicing software for your small business.

What to Look for in a Great Invoicing Software

As a business owner or a bookkeeper, you need to look at the invoicing process and the client’s payment options.

You can consider the below aspects:

  1. Customisation

You may want your invoice facade to reflect your business’ image. Hence, why not look for software that embraces customisation?

  1. Invoice delivery options

Over the years, invoices were created, printed and then mailed to customers. And while this is still an option, there are other means to ensure invoices reach your customers; you can email or even text message at the client’s convenience.

  1. Multiple payment options

Ensuring the invoice reaches your customers is very much in order, yet, it is equally important to make it easy for them to make the payment.

Today, from online payment links to bank transfers, exists a handful of invoice payment options. Making it easy for your customers to pay you is critical, which means increased and faster cash flow for your small business.

Below, See Picks on Best Invoicing Software for Your Business in 2021:

  • Xero
  • Wave
  • Square
  • PayPal
  • Freshbooks
  • Hiveage
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Due


Holding up to 1 million-plus users, Xero has been crowned a significant player in the invoicing realm. It is the best option for small businesses that want to keep a keen eye on their cash flow.

The app’s enhanced capabilities allow you the best bookkeeping experience, all from the comfort of your smartphone. Besides reconciling your accounts, Xero can also import and categorise your recent bank statements.

Newsflash: Xero synchronises with more than 700 business apps.

Get in touch with London’s finest Xero and Quickbooks pro accountant for the best invoicing and billing experience.

Even better, it can send online invoices and get notified when clients open them. This is a better way to know conniving clients.

To learn more, check the links below:


With Wave, accountants can have more than invoicing as, besides the usual invoicing tools, you get to set up recurring payments and automated billing. For paid packages, you can set up monthly payrolls or a pay-per-use payment model.

If you are new to a small business, Wave could be just for you. You regularly get personalised bookkeeping and financial health insights.


Famous for farmers, a square smartphone attachment allows vendors to process both debit and credit card payments.

If you run a small business, Square will enable you to accept credit and debit cards anywhere, all times. Funds will be credited to your account in 48hours or less, and immediate deposits are also an option.

Square offers two packages for small businesses. Square point of sale and Square retail. Through this platform, you can send invoices, set up recurring payments, book appointments, and integrate with third-party e-commerce sites.

Also, it is compatible with Quickbooks; you get chargeback protection and no monthly fees.


PayPal is a renowned online payment platform that also has invoicing functionality. It is accessible from any device. One can easily track payments and set reminders all from a single dashboard.

It is advantageous as it is widely recognised and accepted; a good chance that your client is already familiar with it. They also accept credit cards and bank account payments.


FreshBooks are considered a big gun in the invoicing game. Its features go beyond invoicing. Talk of expenses, time tracking, payments and reporting. Indeed, a great app for small businesses.

More features include:

  • Everything is stored in the cloud.
  • Unique reporting feature that helps you monitor the business’s growth
  • Boasts of intuitive design and professional invoices
  • Automation of tasks hence productivity.


Here, you can send online invoices and quotes to prospective clients and quickly convert them into invoices once accepted. More, you get access to receivables and payables.

Hiveage works great for teams as just with one login, and you can grant staff members varied access levels. Also, it helps your small business track the day-to-day specifics of running a business.

Bottom line; there is no downloading or installing software as it is cloud-based.

Intuit Quickbooks

It is a powerful invoicing platform. It keeps your expenses, profit and loss, income, sales report and bank accounts all in the same place. It is filled with charts and colour-coding to help you distinguish figures with ease.

More, you can share with your accountant for taxation purposes. Other Intuit Quickbooks features allow connection with your bank and synchronise with other business apps. Simple uploading of receipts and access to personalised reports makes Quickbooks perhaps the best invoicing tool.


They branded themselves Payment Processing Made Awesome. Due has no monthly fee. You can send and manage customised invoices with an easy-to-use dashboard. On top of that, Due has a time tracking component for each task; mostly, 24hours.

It is free for businesses invoicing less than £180,000/month. For those with more, there exists customised paid plan options.

We hope you found this helpful.

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